Joanne’s Story

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Joanne’s Story

Published on October 1, 2018

Here you go. Please share my story.

“My name is Joanne and I have a wonderful story of Padre Pio and his intercession for me to God our father.

In June 2015, my father Angelo Antonio passed away. I love my father very much and it was very difficult for everyone. My grandparents Celestina and Sante were from Vieste. My husbands family are from San Severo. I say this because both of our families were from the area where Padre Pio lived. My sister suggested that I read the book on Padre Pio hoping that the book with ease my sadness. I read Padre Pio’s book and I shed many tears. As we all know our friend Padre Pio suffered so much for us. I also said many prayers for Padre Pio‘s intentions. I have to say that my grandmother taught me the love of our Blessed mother. Padre Pio also showed me our Blessed mother’s love. He also brought me to know The love of Jesus and his most sacred heart. I finished Padre Pio‘s book on September 5. September 5 is also the anniversary of my grandfather’s passing.

I have to say that September 5 was a very emotional day for me. I now have to back up to September 2001. My husband and I were going to Italy. We were going with friends and we were going to stay at a what we would call a dude ranch. I am afraid of horses so before going to Italy I took horseback riding lessons. Because of that awful day in September we did not go to Italy. I did not know that the horseback lessons injured my pelvic nerve. Not to go into detail but I began to suffer a great deal but also did not know what caused my pain. I went to BW and MG for years. I was missed diagnosed and treated incorrectly. In 2012 I had surgery unfortunately it did not do what I hoped it would do. I have to say that it was a very long 14 years of suffering and doctors that I saw were not listening. During those years of suffering my faith is what kept me strong. Had plenty of time to pray for others.

Many of us pray for so many other people but very few times do we pray for ourselves. So on this day of September 5, 2015 as I finished padre Pio‘s book I gave a heart felt prayer asking Padre Pio to intercede for me that I was tired so tired of the horrible excruciating pain that I suffered. When I finished my prayer to Padre Pio I knew in my heart and in my mind that I was cured. I have confirmation from my doctor that when she finished a procedure on me the following Friday she found that my bladder was in great condition Padre Pio I thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your intercession I am able to play with my grandchildren which makes me so very happy and so blessed May God bless you all and know that our prayers are always heard and answered.

Jesus Mary and Joseph I love you.”

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