The Vision: Jane’s Story

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The Vision: Jane’s Story

Published on October 25, 2018

This is an email we received in October 2018. She has given us permission to share this beautiful story with you all.

“Hi Samira—-   This is my story-

I was raised in a large Irish Catholic home.  As I got older I was not as diligent in going to Mass as I should have been. Over the years, however, I split my time between attending Mass with my mother and attending my husband’s Baptist church.  In 2015 I moved from Maryland to Ohio. My mother was not well and so I was driving back and forth for many months.  She died in 2016.  I had just returned from  Maryland when my sister called to tell me she had passed.

A few days later I was woken up in the middle of the night.   I sat up in bed and saw a man standing at the bottom of the bed and he said, I am Padre Pio.    I went back to sleep but the first thing in the morning I went to my computer to see if there was any such person.   Even though I was a Catholic, I did not know of Saint Padre Pio.   I was stunned to see there was such a person, and he looked exactly like the man I had seen.

That same morning I received a call from my sister—I told her what had happened and she mentioned they had been cleaning out my mother’s house and had found books about this Saint Padre Pio. She said I will save them for you.  That same afternoon I had a client I needed to reach but her e-mail kept bouncing.   So I called her on the phone and at the end of our conversations she said, “Jane, By the way, do you know who Saint Padre Pio is?”   I answered that I did know and had made his acquaintance recently.  She went on to tell me she was planning to visit your organization in Connecticut on a trip to New England.

So after  the vision and two additional  confirmations the same day, I said  a prayer to Saint Padre Pio and asked him to be a part of my life.    I don’t believe in accidents!   I pray to him often and have a  bowl of prayer cards I give to clients who are struggling.   I don’t take my Catholic faith for granted any more and I believe Saint Padre Pio is still actively working in the world to support many souls.”

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