Viola’s Poem

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Viola’s Poem

Published on October 3, 2018

The following is a poem written in loving memory of David Giles Jefferson, written by his mother, Viola, as dawn broke the day that he died at the very young age of five. As she sat by David’s bedside, she prayed and asked God, “Why? Why? Suddenly, as if a recording was turned on, the following words filled her head. She grabbed a scrap piece of paper and began writing because she did not want to forget God’s answer to her “Why?” Viola and her husband Cliff know that these words came from God and knowing that has helped them through the years and they hope they will help someone else. They have been kind enough to share it with you.

Too good for this earth —
my son walked a short but difficult path.
His little feet took him over mountains
too high for most of us to climb.
He left on each he met a happier and purer heart,
and he loved the Lord so deeply for being just five.
Those he loved and who will always love him
are better for being there at his side.
Though all of us knew very early in his life
that he was too good for this earth –
so on to be with Christ!

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