A Miraculous Healing

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A Miraculous Healing

Published on November 26, 2018

A Miraculous Healing

In the spring of 2000, Gene was in poor health. Pain racked his body and he was suffering from heart and kidney problems. His strength was failing him. He had been declared unfit to continue working as an airplane mechanic – a job he had performed for decades. Even the simple task of mowing the lawn took him hours to complete. Gene and his wife had signed up for an Easter pilgrimage to Italy. He embarked on their journey with much trepidation, worried about his physical ability to keep going. One of their stops was the shrine of Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo. Little did Gene know that he was about to experience the power of prayer.

While his wife visited the gift shop, Gene went to pray in the crypt where Padre Pio’s body was buried at the time. When their group boarded the bus, his wife gave him a Padre Pio relic coin that she had purchased. As the journey continued, Gene suddenly realized that he no longer felt any pain! At first he feared that it might only be a temporary reprieve and dared not mention it. Over the next few days Gene started feeling stronger and he helped other pilgrims carry their heavy suitcases. His wife eventually became suspicious when he climbed on the upper bunk onboard the ship that was taking them to their next destination and asked: “Are you feeling better?” He admitted to her that he had been pain free since their stop in San Giovanni Rotondo.

Upon his return home, Gene underwent a series of test that had been scheduled before the pilgrimage. He anxiously waited to be given the results as he watched the doctor flip through the medical charts for half an hour and continuously shaking his head. Eventually, the doctor spoke: “Can you prove to me that you really are who you say you are?” The old chart and the new chart appeared to be two completely different patients and the doctor simply could not believe this utter reversal in Gene’s health. After Gene convinced the doctor of his identity, the doctor threw his hands in the air and declared: “I give up! There’s nothing wrong with you.”

Thrilled with his miraculous recovery, Gene had himself re-examined by his workplace physicians who were equally puzzled and declared him fit for work again. Now 18 years later, Gene is retired, but healthy and still proudly wears his Saint Pio relic medal.

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