The X-Ray

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The X-Ray

Published on June 4, 2019

Every day at the Foundation we feel the guiding hand of Padre Pio. Just like the time a
credit card would not process despite several attempts. We called our benefactor, Francine,
to resolve the issue. When we checked the numbers, they were all correct. We tried again
and THIS time, the card worked without any problem. Francine joked that Padre Pio must
have wanted us to call her! As we chatted, we asked her how she had learned about Padre
Pio and then she told us about her neighbor, Claire.

At 92 years of age, Claire has not only been battling lymphoma for seven years, but the disks
in her back are in bad shape. One night she was watching a program about Padre Pio, when
she noticed a new lump on her neck. Claire decided to appeal to Padre Pio. “If you want
me to spread the word about you, make this lump go away,” she asked. Three days later, the
Claire’s X – Ray lump had vanished. But this is not where her story ends.

Claire’s back had become unbearably painful, making it hard for her to walk, yet surgery was too dangerous at her advanced age. The doctor suggested a cortisone injection in her spine to alleviate the pain, but this was not without risks either. She might even be paralyzed if he didn’t hit the right spot.
“Padre Pio will direct you,” Claire told the doctor confidently. She always carries a tiny metal statue of Saint Pio wherever she goes and wanted to keep it close during the procedure, but that wasn’t allowed. After some negotiating, the statue was wrapped in a towel and placed under Claire’s head. The procedure went ahead, and x – rays of her back were taken.

When the medical staff came back to tell Claire that everything had gone well, the nurse had tears in her eyes and the doctor seemed shaken. As soon as Claire saw the x – ray, she knew why. The image of her Padre Pio statue had mysteriously appeared on the x – ray and pointed to the injection site on her spine. The statue itself was far away in the towel under Claire’s head! Nobody was surprised that the injection was successful.

Least of all Claire, who believed that Padre Pio had plans for her and would keep her safe. Claire set to work to keep her promise and started telling everyone about Padre Pio, including Francine. Soon, word about the miracle spread. The parish priest, Father Kennedy enlarged the x – ray to show his congregation and told them how Padre Pio interceded for people to stop their suffering. Now Claire wants YOU to know about her miracle and how you too can spread devotion to our dear Saint, Padre Pio.



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