From Hopelessness to Miracle

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From Hopelessness to Miracle

Published on January 29, 2019

In July 2015 Rita’s husband Dan was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the larynx. Doctors presented him with three options: he could have his vocal cord surgically removed and replaced with a voice box, go through chemotherapy, or receive radiation treatment twice daily for six weeks. Against his doctor’s recommendations, he chose the last option.
Meanwhile, a friend had sent the couple a Padre Pio prayer card. Rita prayed fervently to Padre Pio for intercession during the six weeks of Dan’s radiation treatment and thereafter.
At Dan’s post-treatment checkup, a miracle occurred: the doctor was amazed that he could no longer find any cancer! Three years later, Dan is still in remission and just celebrated his 73rd birthday.
Rita says she will always be grateful to that friend and continues to pray to Padre Pio. Thank you Rita for sharing the story of Dan’s miraculous healing!

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